Force By Design Case Study

Main Objective: Founded in 2008, Force by Design, Inc. is a company solely focused on cloud computing and the successful use of all services.

As a Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner and Google Apps Reseller, we implement and optimize cloud-based applications, helping organizations put their applications in the cloud and streamline their processes with our own cloud-based applications.

Approach: Each project is specially tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Often complex roll-ups have required additional hours and cost due to the need to leverage programmers. However, with the use of Roll-Up Helper we are able to implement a wider range of roll-ups at a lower cost for our clients.

Challenge: Salesforce Roll-ups are a wonderful feature; however, like any feature they have limitations related to the number available as well as to what can be "rolled-up". Roll-up Helper allows us to hurdle those limitations with relative ease.

Solution: We have found Roll-up Helper to be most useful in those areas of a Salesforce org that do not have built-in roll-up functionality such as Opportunities/Donations and Campaigns. Hence, we find they can be especially helpful when roll-ups are called for on custom objects.

Results: Roll-up Helper provides one more tool to meet our client needs and provides our consultants greater flexibility in designing solutions to meet those needs at a reasonable cost.