Tivo uses Rollup Helper.

TiVo Inc. (TiVo), a developer and provider of software and technology that enables the search, navigation, and access of content across sources, including linear television, on-demand television, and broadband video. The Company provides these capabilities through set-top boxes that include digital video recorders (DVRs) or non-DVR set-top boxes, tablet computers, mobile phones, and other screens. It also provides advertising solutions for the media industry, including a platform for interactive advertising and audience measurement services. TiVo has developed a technology portfolio that makes the TiVo service available on a standalone retail DVR product line that is capable of receiving over-the-air digital signals, analog cable, digital cable through the use of CableCARDs, and from broadband video sources. Effective February 18, 2014, Tivo Inc acquired the entire share capital of Digitalsmiths Corp.