Tekscan uses Rollup Helper

Tekscan, Inc. manufactures and supplies pressure and force measurement systems and sensors for use in various OEM, research and development, and clinical applications. It offers body pressure measurement systems for research and development, tactile pressure measurement systems, tactile pressure sensing systems, versatile tactile pressure measurement systems, handheld pressure measurement systems for collecting tactile pressure data, nip pressure measurement systems, pressure imaging systems for conducting tire tread analysis, scanning electronics and pressure sensors, human and animal pressure mapping systems, portable pressure mapping systems, portable interface pressure mapping systems, paper-thin sensors, thin-film sensors, low profile floor mats, low profile floor walkway systems, dental occlusal analysis systems, clinical diagnostic devices, force sensors, single element force sensors, flexible position sensors for OEMs, potentiometers for OEMs, prescale pressure indicating films, and digital analysis systems. The company also provides pressure sensors, force and position sensors for OEMs, and pressure indicating films. It offers its products through distributors in the United States and internationally. Tekscan, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 and is based in South Boston, Massachusetts.