Please install our next beta release of Milestones PM+ that has been tested to be fully functional with the Summer 2016 release of Salesforce before your Salesforce environment is upgraded to Summer 2016.

  • Production:

  • Sandbox:

There is a critical update included with the Summer 2016 Release of Salesforce that will prevent Milestones PM+ from working in some of our customer’s environments. As a result, we ask that you upgrade as soon as possible to ensure you do not lose functionality of our app. To find out when your environments will be upgraded to Summer 2016, please review this calendar on This notice also affects paying customers on the Scheduled Release track.

Please follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - Upgrade your Sandbox using the link above

  • Step 2 - If you have it installed, uninstall the ‘Milestones PM+ Extension Package’ (MPM4_EN) from the environment (the premium functionality no longer requires this package)

  • Step 3 - Test the functionality and report any issues to

  • Repeat Steps 1-3 for Production


Please be advised that this release provides new BETA functionality and we plan to communicate these in detail in our next newsletter.

If you have any questions, please contact