Data Analysis Helper


Real-time analysis to improve the performance of service and sales reps/teams, uncover and prioritize at-risk accounts, and communicate strategic opportunities and successes within the organization

Get at-a-glance data-driven insights, trends and notifications for individuals, teams and executive leadership. Explore calculations on key metrics by month, quarter, year or historically - with pre-built dashboards, chart comparisons, leaderboards, and personalized activity notifications. Address needs for organizational reporting, decision-making, and training.

  • Actionable -- Don’t waste time searching for data to analyze - let it come directly to you in easily understandable reports and charts, so you won’t miss anything important. Instead, focus your energy on closing sales and satisfying customers and clients.
  • No Implementation -- Salesforce®-native app offering ready-to-use solutions, with analytic packs available as free and paid premium options. Doesn’t require help from admins or technology teams, saving time and money. Get your free trial today!
  • Customizable -- To serve the unique needs of your business, quickly and easily customize what you want to analyze, how to analyze it, and at what level of granularity - present data from a variety of objects in a single view.

Choose the Data Analysis Helper analytic packs that suit the unique needs of your organization! Each pack comes in Free and Premium versions.


Sales Performance Intelligence is a Salesforce app for Data Analysis Helper

Organization and Representative Metrics

Tracks the performance for all sales reps during the current period and measures how their individual performance has improved/declined over a period of time. Evaluate the sales performance of the organization as a whole to detect trends and improvement opportunities:

Territory & Segmentation Intelligence is a Salesforce app for Data Analysis Helper

Territory and Segment Metrics

Offers historical and current sales analytics for territories and segments such as industry, account type, and more. Tracking these sales metrics helps uncover strategic opportunities and address issues early:

Account Performance Intelligence is a Salesforce app for Data Analysis Helper

Individual Account Metrics

Provides insights to track account performance and configure goals to measure account health. Easily identify at-risk accounts so action may be taken before business is lost:

Check out the Data Analysis Helper Resources page for more support and training information.

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