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Convert Salesforce® data into actionable insights & alerts--without admin or IT help.
Data Analysis Helper provides real-time analysis to improve the performance of sales reps/teams, optimize customer service activity, and communicate strategic opportunities and successes within the organization.
Pre-built with ready-made dashboards and alerts, easily customized, and will not break your budget. Watch the demo to learn more!
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Data Analysis Helper allows you to browse a collection of ready-to-use analytic solutions available as premium add-on packs designed to provide insights and notifications. These packs enable your team to track historic performance, spot trends, identify opportunities for improvement, and improve decision making.

  • Actionable -- Don’t waste time searching for data to analyze--let it come directly to you in easily understandable reports and charts, so you won’t miss anything important. Instead, focus your energy on closing sales and satisfying customers and clients.
  • No Implementation -- Salesforce®-native app offering ready-to-use solutions, with add-on analytic packs available as free and paid premium options. Doesn’t require help from admins or technology teams, saving time and money. Get your free trial today!
  • Customizable -- To serve the unique needs of your business, quickly and easily customize what you want to analyze, how to analyze it, and at what level of granularity----present data from a variety of objects in a single view.


  • Won/Lost Sales Amounts
  • Sales Amount Performance Comparison
  • Define Goals for Performance Records
  • Neglected Client Information
  • Won/Lost Sales Percentage
  • Number of Won/Lost Deals
  • Average Deal Size
  • Average Close Time of Sales
  • Time Spent Selling
  • Performance Comparisons & Leaderboards
  • Performance Notifications
  • Activity & Case Information
  • Case Closure Information
  • Lead Conversion Information (Sales Performance Intelligence only)
  • Quotes (Sales Performance Intelligence only)
  • Products Sold (Territory & Segmentation Intelligence and Account Performance Intelligence only)
  • Account Health Scoring (Account Performance Intelligence only)
  • At-Risk Account Tracking (Account Performance Intelligence only)


SPI wide_on-white

Insights, charts, and notifications at the organizational and representative levels in Salesforce® on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.


TSI wide_on-white

Insights, charts, and notifications for territories and segments in Salesforce® on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.


Account Performance Intelligence

Insights, charts, and notifications at the individual account level in Salesforce® on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.