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One of the main goals of the Sales department is to keep the company growing, so Regional Sales Managers need to be on top of their sales benchmarks to see how their different territories or...

Segment leaderboard


A performance leaderboard is essential for a Regional Sales Manager to have on all of their different territories or segments. Leaderboards make it easier to see if the team will hit their...

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When sales representatives send a quote to a prospect, they are effectively asking for the sale. If the quote accurately reflects the prospects' needs, then it should have a high probability...

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Not all sales representatives work at the same pace. Some need additional training or coaching in order to increase their productivity, and ultimately your customers’ satisfaction. You...

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In Salesforce, reports can be generated to identify the average amount of time it takes to close business for different sales reps. However, it is more challenging to have those analytics as...

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Reports in Salesforce are fantastic for all stakeholders to have an awareness of organization and representative win rates. Yet, reliable and actionable data that can drive processes, or...

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Sales teams are always striving to hit their quotas and keep new business deals closing. However, identifying data for won and lost opportunities for monthly, quarterly, or yearly reporting...

Identifying Neglected Clients

February 14, 2019

DAH stale opportunities


Sales reps get busy. They may be working with a multitude of customers/prospects each in their own stage of their buying journey. To increase a rep’s productivity, one convenient location is...