Analyzing Salesforce Lead Conversion Data to Boost Sales Performance

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Problem: Closing leads faster and bigger

Creating happy customers is the mission of every sales team. So ultimately, everything that goes into managing a sales function is really all about one thing—closing leads. The reasons leads are converted or not converted are numerous. So if Sales Leaders want to create happy customers, boost their numbers, and meet or exceed quotas, they must dig deeper into lead conversion data.

But uncovering the reasons from Salesforce data can be difficult, and what is found can sometimes be misleading. You don’t want to focus on the wrong factor affecting lead conversion. That's why we built the Sales Performance Intelligence analytic pack for the Data Analysis Helper app.

Solution: Tracking lead performance metrics

Across the sales team, lead information—number of converted leads and number of unconverted leads—are tracked within Salesforce. Data Analysis Helper compiles this information in real-time into at-a-glance and pre-built reports, charts and comparisons across current and historical time periods.

Lead Performance Dashboard

This creates benchmarks useful for understanding trends at the organizational and individual rep levels. Are certain reps not meeting (or exceeding) these lead conversion benchmarks, indicating a need for coaching/training (or recognition)? Are reps focusing too much on prospects and not the customer base (or vice-versa)? Do patterns emerge that indicate areas of problem or opportunity? And if lead performance metrics do not identify specific issues, might negative trends indicate a larger problem with the quality or quantity of the leads being pursued?

Lead Performance Metrics by Rep

These are all questions that can be answered when Sales Leaders have the analysis and insights at their fingertips, when there is still time to act and make any needed changes before it's too late.


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