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Determining the Account Health Score for Every Account

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Problem: Knowing when accounts are healthy or unhealthy

Successful sales operations usually have more accounts than time to spend on each of them. It’s a good problem to have, but it demands prioritization. Forecasts and quota achievement depend on it. You want to prevent churn and focus on the accounts most in need. Mistakes here can be very costly to conversion and retention—and ultimately revenue.

But where do you begin? What are the indicators and how do you find them in Salesforce data. It can be challenging. That's why we built the Account Performance Intelligence analytic pack for the Data Analysis Helper app.

Solution: Real-time rating and trending of accounts’ health status

Data Analysis Helper provides a pre-built dashboard that automatically determines the health of every account—with a percentage rating and color-coding (green/yellow/red). At a glance and in real time, you can get a dependable indicator of where sales attention must be focused. The Account Performance Intelligence premium add-on pack also analyzes a dozen or more key sales metrics into insights and performance suggestions, which can provide additional context to what is actually happening with the account.

Account Health Score

In addition, Data Analysis Helper has two other analytic packs, Sales Performance Intelligence and Territory & Segmentation Intelligence, with dozens of key metrics translated into charts and dashboards that could further provide context. Plus, all sales insights and metrics provided by the analytic packs, including health scores, can trigger automated email alerts, informing sales teams right away about positive or negative trends emerging.

Ultimately, health scoring is calculated by how well certain goals are achieved for the account. Sales Leaders set the target for each individual goal being assessed in the scoring model. Then, they assign how important each goal is relative to other goals being analyzed. All of the goal inputs to the score are displayed on their own dashboard, making it easy to see which goals are raising or lowering the total score. This dashboard also makes it easier to adjust the targets in the goals themselves.

Goal Performance Dashboard

This account analysis and easy presentation is unique to Data Analysis Helper and is indicative of how the app was designed to deliver an array of insights to its users--without additional research time or Admin resources required.

Want to see how Data Analysis Helper analytic packs can help your sales and services teams?



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