Easily Accessing Performance Metrics for Activities and Cases


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Problem: Managing information for internal and external situations

Sales Leaders are responsible for best utilizing the information at their disposal. Some of this information regards completing internal assignments and keeping processes running efficiently. Other situations involve external audiences—customer relationship management. 

When working with a prospect or customer, you need all of the account information at your fingertips, analyzed for maximum impact. Reps and teams need to be monitored for their activities and cases. And territories and business segments are all different and have unique information and situations to manage. That's why we built Account Performance Intelligence, Sales Performance Intelligence, and Territory & Segmentation Intelligence analytic packs for the Data Analysis Helper app.

Solution: Increasing accessibility with reports, dashboards and alerts

Data Analysis Helper’s premium add-on packs come ready with pre-built performance charts and insights as well as an alert system to make sure nothing is missed. Having a snapshot of this case and activity information—number and percentage of open and closed, average time to close, links to details for engagements and interactions—helps all members of the sales team to be more effective.

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If open cases or activities run the risk of becoming stale, and therefore making some problem worse or some opportunity lost, alerts can escalate the situation. Whether it is an individual account, or rep or team performance, or related to a territory or business segment, all can be tracked in real-time or benchmarked over time. If certain areas of the business are underperforming or overperforming, these key metrics may reveal the reasons why.

In addition, an influx of cases or activities may come in a short period of time, or reps may become overwhelmed with too many cases or activities. You’ll want to ensure that prospects and customers are addressed in a timely manner. Dashboards and alerts about open case and activity information can help sales leaders redirect resources when needed and in time.

Performance Dashboard for Activities and Cases


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