Forecasting, Tracking and Achieving Goals and Quotas


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Problem: Improving sales planning and growing revenue

At the heart of every company’s sales function is the need to accurately set revenue targets and then meet those targets in a specified period of time. The rest of the organization depends on the integrity of these plans—so resources can be deployed and investments made for continuing company growth.

Errors made in either planning or achieving these sales goals can have dramatic negative impacts on not only members of the sales team but also on the viability of the entire company. That's why we built Sales Performance Intelligence, Account Performance Intelligence, and Territory & Segmentation Intelligence analytic packs for the Data Analysis Helper app.

Solution: Set more informed goals and track in real-time

So it is critical that Sales Leaders employ the right tools to forecast and project sales. In addition, real-time tracking of the right metrics and results can help to address problems and make the right adjustments to reach stated goals and quotas. At the very least, if goals need to be revisited, then that information needs to be surfaced and shared as quickly as possible—you don’t want to wait for formal reporting deadlines, when it might be too late. 

Data Analysis Helper’s premium add-on packs compile your company’s historical Salesforce data into easy-to-view insights, dashboards, charts, and leaderboards. This information is presented across multiple sales dimensions--at the rep and organizational level, at the individual account level, and across territories and business segments. These analytic packs also project future sales based on this historical information.

Projected Sales Dashboard by Rep

Armed with this information, Sales Leaders can better forecast sales outcomes and set goals for dozens of sales activities that generate revenue. And since Data Analysis Helper’s insights and performance suggestions are delivered in real time, tracking goal achievement is a pro-active exercise, not a reactive one.

Goal Performance Dashboard

In addition, email notifications can alert Sales Leaders when a rep is underperforming (or overperforming) on a particular sales metric or activity, so coaching/training (or recognition) can be done. Likewise, if an account, territory or industry is triggering an auto-alert by not meeting or exceeding goals, this information can be acted upon immediately.

Setting Alerts for Performance Metrics  Setting Up Email Parameters for Custom Alerts

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