One of the main goals of the Sales department is to keep the company growing, so Regional Sales Managers need to be on top of their sales benchmarks to see how their different territories or segments are performing. Analyzing historic performances will let you see if your team is on track to hit quotas, and helps you forecast future revenues. However, it can be time consuming to create the individual reports for each area or industry yourself inside of Salesforce. That's why we built the Territory and Segmentation Intelligence package (TSI) for Data Analysis Helper.


Historic comparisons for both regions and customer segments, such as industries or customer type, are built into the Territory and Segmentation Intelligence pack. Without coding or creating custom reports, get a quick glance on changes to won sales amounts, lost sales amounts, sales win percentages, number of won and lost sales, average deal sizes, number of cases closed, average case close times, number of closed tasks, and number of events. You can display up to ten records at a time. 

Having the analytics on your sales activities allows you to document trends of spikes and lulls based on seasonal events, like holidays. It can also prove the effectiveness of a new ad campaign. You can get as granular as you want, with data on cities or states, to territories or entire countries. Now you can show off your team's growing success at the monthly, quarterly, or annual sales report meetings! 

If things aren't going smoothly, you can be alerted to problems before it's too late. Receive email notifications if territory or market segments will likely not meet their sales goals, if win percentages fall below accepted rates, or average close times are increasing too much. This lets you tackle the issue right away, instead of waiting until goals are missed.  

TSI Territory historic comparison-1 

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