Identifying Neglected Clients


Sales reps get busy. They may be working with a multitude of customers/prospects each in their own stage of their buying journey. To increase a rep’s productivity, one convenient location is desired for them (and their manager) to track any opportunities that need follow up.


Both Sales Performance Intelligence and Territory and Segmentation Intelligence packs provide a list of stale Opportunities. This can be found on each rep’s performance record, or opportunities in different territories and segments.

DAH stale opportunities

But we know every company is different. That's why we let you create the rules of what a "stale" opportunity is. Maybe you have long sales cycles that take months, and dropping communication from time to time is common. Or maybe you have quick deals that need momentum. The predefined filters can easily be customized to fit your business needs.

Salesforce app Data Analysis Helper use case, Identifying Neglected Clients with Sales Performance Intelligence

Showing neglected clients is useful for sales reps, but Data Analysis Helper packs can assist sales managers as well. You can set up custom alerts if one of your salespeople has a higher percentage of neglected clients than the team average. This way you can assist sales team members when they need it, instead of waiting until quotas are missed.

Want to see how Data Analysis Helper packs can help your sales team?

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