Measuring and Communicating Progress on Total Sales Revenue


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Problem: Keeping all sales stakeholders informed

Tracking sales team progress toward its stated forecasts and goals is important for a number of reasons… and audiences. Sure, Sales Leaders need real-time sales information to help keep the team and its members on track to reach their goals, to coach them up and take advantage of opportunities as they develop.

In addition, Sales Leaders need to keep their executive leadership informed as well. (Everyone answers to a boss, right?) But data is not enough. They need up-to-date, easy-to-consume information and insights presented in useful ways, for quick understanding and thorough decision-making. That's why we built Sales Performance Intelligence, Account Performance Intelligence, and Territory & Segmentation Intelligence analytic packs for the Data Analysis Helper app.

Solution: Generating sales amount performance comparisons

Data Analysis Helper’s premium add-on packs offer insights and dashboards on key metrics across many sales categories--for reps and organizational performance, for individual account performance, and for territory and business segment performance. The most important measurement is usually sales amounts, historically or in real-time for current periods.

Total Sales Revenue Dashboard by Business Segment

The charts and leaderboards generated by Data Analysis Helper come pre-built in the analytic packs (although they can be easily customized for specific needs with clicks and no coding). This makes them ideal for guiding internal sales team activities as well as for sharing with others in the organization. Performance highlights are captured clearly and visually. And email notifications can be set up to monitor in real-time any changes or trends that need to be addressed.

Setting Alerts for Performance Metrics Setting Up Email Parameters for Custom Alerts

No need to take time to “crunch the numbers” to create required company reporting. Performance charts are already calculated and being updated. And since this is a Salesforce end-user app, there’s no need for dedicated Admin or IT resources to get the insights. Access to this type of reporting could be shared with anyone in the organization.

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