A performance leaderboard is essential for a Regional Sales Manager to have on all of their different territories or segments. Leaderboards make it easier to see if the team will hit their quota, see which territories, states, or cities are top performers, and find which segments are the best to pursue. However, it can be a hassle to create the necessary reports yourself inside Salesforce. That's why we built the Territory and Segmentation Intelligence pack (TSI) for Data Analysis Helper.


Leaderboards for both territories and segments come out-of-the-box with Territory and Segmentation Intelligence. Without coding or creating custom reports, get a quick glance on won sales amounts, lost sales amounts, sales win percentages, number of won and lost sales, average deal sizes, number of cases closed, average case close times, number of closed tasks, and number of events. You can display up to ten records at a time. 

Comparing territory sales metrics can bring forward important business questions for discussion, such as, "Why is Texas selling more than New Mexico?" Maybe resources need to be shuffled, or try re-creating successful campaigns from other areas. Alternatively, comparing different segments may help you identify content gaps for different industries, or help you narrow down your target audience. 

The best part about our Data Analysis Helper packs is the fact that you can be alerted to problems before it's too late. You don't have to wait for the monthly, quarterly, or annual sales report meeting to realize there are problems. Get notified if territory or market segments will likely not meet their sales goals, if win percentages fall below accepted rates, or average close times are increasing too much. This way you can have a plan of attack to correct the issue in real-time, instead of waiting until goals are missed.  

Segment leaderboard

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