Recognizing At-Risk Accounts and Reducing Churn


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Problem: Identifying at-risk accounts in time to act

Customer churn is a problem businesses have been trying to reduce for a long time. It’s much less expensive to keep a customer than find its replacement, and retention is key for building year-over-year growth. The problem is that often by the time an account expresses dissatisfaction, the triggering event likely happened quite a while ago. So it might be too late to act.

This is why early indicators and trends are so important. That's why we built the Account Performance Intelligence analytic pack for the Data Analysis Helper app.

Solution: Using account health scoring and alerts

Data Analysis Helper lets Sales Leaders establish targets and weighted goals for accounts across numerous sales measurements and metrics. The sum of these targets and goals creates a health score in real-time for each account. This color-coded listing, based on percentages of goal achievement, provides a handy, at-a-glance dashboard that can be used for prioritization of at-risk accounts.

All of the scoring factors for at-risk accounts are displayed on their own dashboard, making it easy to see which goals are raising or lowering the total score. This dashboard also makes it easier to adjust the targets in the goals themselves.

Account Health Score

In addition, the Account Performance Intelligence premium add-on pack provides additional insights and performance suggestions by analyzing a dozen or more key sales metrics, which can provide granular context to what is actually happening with the account. Further, Data Analysis Helper has two other analytic packs, Sales Performance Intelligence and Territory & Segmentation Intelligence, with dozens of key metrics translated into charts and dashboards offering more context.

All of the measurements and metrics can be attached to automated email notifications. When an account health score, or some aspect of the metrics and goal targets that make up the score, trends into the danger zone, an alert is triggered. The triggers are fully customizable to meet the needs and tolerances of the sales team. And this is done with clicks and no coding, so Admin and IT team resources are not needed.

Setting Alerts for Performance Metrics  Setting Up Email Parameters for Custom Alerts

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