Sales Leaders: Analyzing Historic Sales Performance for Forecasting


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Problem: Collecting historic sales data for better decision-making

One of the main goals of the Sales function is to keep the company growing. So Sales Leaders need to be on top of their sales benchmarks to understand how their team is performing, relative to the past and into the future. Analyzing historic performances will provide insight into whether your team is on track to hit quotas, and helps you forecast future revenues. However, inside of Salesforce, it can be time consuming to create the individual reports for each rep or team, each account, and each area or industry without the right help. That's why we built Sales Performance Intelligence, Account Performance Intelligence, and Territory & Segmentation Intelligence analytic packs for the Data Analysis Helper app.

Solution: Tools that provide insights to boost future performance

Historic comparisons of key metrics across multiple dimensions--rep and organizational level, territory and business segment level, and individual account level--are built into Data Analysis Helper premium add-on packs. Without coding or creating custom reports, get real-time info at a glance on any goals you establish. Also, review metrics such as won/lost sales number of deals, amounts and percentages; average deal sizes; time spent selling; average close times; number of closed activities, tasks or cases; and number of events. You can display up to ten records at a time.


Having the analytics on your sales activities allows you to document trends of spikes and lulls based on seasonal events, like holidays. It can also prove the effectiveness of a new ad campaign. You can get as granular as you want, with data analyzed in real-time by the different packs, offering important actionable insights for your immediate decision-making. Later, you can generate reports, leaderboards, and comparisons to communicate your team's growing success at the monthly, quarterly, or annual sales meetings. 


If things aren't going smoothly, you can be alerted to problems before it's too late. Receive email notifications if certain sales goals are unlikely to be met, if win percentages fall below accepted rates, or if average close times are increasing too much. This lets you tackle the issue right away, instead of waiting until goals are missed.  


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