Tracking and Acting on Changes to Sales Win Rates


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Problem: Measuring won/lost sales percentages

Reports in Salesforce are fantastic for all stakeholders to have an awareness of organization and representative win rates. With further details on win rates, sales managers can have better insights on who needs more training or coaching. Getting a lot of wins may not be worth it if the sales methods are costing too many lost deals along the way. Some sales reps may be able to hit quotas by closing deals with large dollar amounts, but ignore a majority of opportunities by doing so.


This is also true for analyzing trends across territories and business segments as well for individual accounts. Yet, having reliable and actionable data that can drive processes, or trigger notifications for action, can be difficult to implement. That's where Data Analysis Helper's analytic packs can help.

Solution: Analytic packs offering actionable insights

Sales Performance Intelligence comes with predefined fields that calculate sales win rates at the organization and sales rep level. Territory & Segmentation Intelligence shows the win rate percdentages for entire territories and industry- or customer-related segments. Account Performance Intelligence analyzes win/loss data for accounts, showing high performing and underperforming accounts, including those at-risk. The dashboard graphs break down wins and losses both by number of deals, as well as deal amounts. Both are important, and paint a more accurate picture than basic figures on revenue. 


Win/Loss Dashboard


You can easily define the time frame, customize the filters of what is considered a won or lost opportunity, and set up notifications to suit your business needs. This way, sales managers know in real-time if someone (or some account or segment) is falling off track right away, instead of waiting until the end of the month to look at reports. 

Salesforce app Data Analysis Helper: Tracking And Acting On Changes To Sales Win Rate Salesforce app Data Analysis Helper: Tracking And Acting On Changes To Sales Win Rate


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