Tracking Average Time to Close Sales


In Salesforce, reports can be generated to identify the average amount of time it takes to close business for different sales reps. However, it is more challenging to have those analytics as fields on records, which can be used to drive processes, and send alerts or notifications when necessary.

For example, Anne is head of sales at a small, but quickly growing company. She has limited sales resources, and the company does not yet have a Salesforce Admin. Her current team closes sales two months on average from the time the opportunity is created until the time it is marked closed won. She is worried that she will not be able to track which members of her team are taking longer than the team’s average time to close. Anne needs to quickly identify any trends in her team’s performance so that she can intervene with any necessary training.


Sales Performance Intelligence (SPI) provides pre-built analytics on the average close time at the organizational and sales representative levels. SPI also breaks it down further to show the average time it takes to close Cases or Tasks. Territory and Segmentation Intelligence (TSI) will also show the average time it takes to close cases for different territories or segments. 

Average Close Time

You can easily customize the field to calculate time for only closed won sales, closed lost deals, or both. Sales managers can also be notified if any of their sales team members are taking longer to finalize deals than is acceptable. Now Anne will be able to coach salespeople when necessary, preventing deals from being lost.

Average Close Time Alert              Tracking Average Time To Close Sales

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