Tracking Sales Rep Commissions within Salesforce


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Problem: Computing incentive compensation

Compensation programs for the members of sales team are traditionally based in part on incentive structures such as commissions. These commissions may be flat percentages or tiers, depending on how the organization does business. As a result, reps have “skin in the game” when it comes to success, and Sales Leaders and reps are customary to these arrangements.

But this does require some extra effort in computing, tracking and compensating under these arrangements. Further complicating this issue, some organizations may need to provide different commission percentages to particular sales rep or roles within an organization. In addition, reps and Sales Leaders use commission amounts as another type of sales metric, reflecting performance in the current period and historically.

Usually, these commission records are maintained outside of the Salesforce environment on separate platforms, and access to this information depends on the situation. That's why we built the Sales Performance Intelligence analytic pack for the Data Analysis Helper app.

Solution: Using salesforce native app to automatically compute

How great would be the value of having these commissions computed in real-time inside Salesforce where all of the sales information resides as a single source of truth? Private access could be granted to individual reps to view his/her commission info when needed? Data Analysis Helper does just that. 

The interface accommodates all types of commission arrangements—just set the amounts and percentages for each rep according to the compensation plan used by your company. With clicks not coding, adjustments are easily made. Therefore, Admins and IT resources are not needed for these activities.

Rep Commissions Earned to Date

This feature is also valuable from a historical perspective.You can see the compensation trends for each rep over longer periods of time. This can inform strategic decision-making for future compensation structures.


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