Tracking Time Spent on Customer Interactions (SPI)


Not all sales representatives work at the same pace. Some need additional training or coaching in order to increase their productivity, and ultimately your customers’ satisfaction. You should identify areas of improvement by monitoring the average amount of time it takes to close cases, complete tasks, close opportunities, and more at an organizational or individual level.

Responding to customer requests in a timely manner will ensure that your customers receive a consistent level of service, and that deals won't lose momentum. Luckily, we have a solution that will pull in pre-built analytics on average response times in Salesforce.


Data Analysis Helper has a pack called Sales Performance Intelligence (SPI), which has analytics on the average Sale Close Time, Case Close Time, and Task Close Time for designated time periods (monthly, quarterly, yearly). These stats can be for each individual, or the organization as a whole.

Time spent on customer interactions

You can customize the pre-built customer interaction tracking to identify opportunities for improvement, and drive your initiatives for productivity and customer satisfaction. Sales managers can even set up notifications if sales reps or teams are consistently taking longer than an established standard. This way, managers can keep track of who may need extra training or reminders right away, instead of waiting until potential customers are lost from the slow responses. If speed continues to be an issue, you may discover other issues that are actually the root cause, such as bottlenecks in approvals or other internal processes. 

Salesforce app Data Analysis Helper use case, Tracking Time Spent On Customer Interactions-Cases Setting up notifications for task close times

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