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Using Won/Lost Sales Data Analysis to Improve Revenue Results

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Problem: Identifying data on won/lost opportunities 

Sales teams are always striving to hit their quotas and keep new business deals closing. However, identifying data for won and lost opportunities on sales representatives and teams, across territories and business segments, and for individual accounts can be challenging. Then, translating that data into insights for monthly, quarterly, or yearly reporting is difficult to create inside of Salesforce. 


These are important analytics to track over time as they can let you identify issues, either with individuals who need more coaching, or perhaps find seasonal highs and lows to prepare for, or discover accounts that are underperforming. Without this knowledge, making preemptive decisions or changes ahead of a monthly report would be nearly impossible. That's why we've created Data Analysis Helper.

Solution: Win/loss analysis tools providing impactful insights

Data Analysis Helper has multiple analytic packs to help break down sales data to help improve sales performance in ways that best suit your company, including win/loss analysis. Sales Performance Intelligence has pre-packaged analytics on win and loss information for individual sales reps, or for the entire organization. Territory and Segmentation Intelligence shows won/lost sales information based on different territories, or for different segments like industries. Account Performance Intelligence provides key metrics for each of your accounts. 


Metrics on Representative and Organization Performance



You can easily customize any of the packages won/lost sales analytics with logic that reflects your business model. Plus, you can use the results in workflow for your business process to increase management’s ability to identify and act on coaching opportunities. Managers can even set up email notifications if the number or dollar amount of sales lost is unacceptably high. This way, they can correct the issue right away before the next report comes out.


Setting up won/lost sales                         Sales Win Percentage Alert



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