With the Salesforce Service Cloud, you can ensure your cases are tracked along with entitlements/service contracts and their milestones. With Lookup Helper + Salesforce Service Cloud, you can automatically track entitlements on cases.

The problem:

The issue with using entitlements in Salesforce is that cases are not automatically linked to entitlements (entitlement name lookup on case). See this idea on the Idea Exchange for more details surrounding this problem.

In a nutshell, the user has to select an entitlement when creating a case and if they forget to do this, things such as SLAs are not tracked and their case milestones are not displayed, nor do the cases appears as linked under the entitlement.

The solution:

With Lookup Helper, you can create a simple matching type lookup settings to populate the Entitlement ID on the case when there is match between the Account ID on the Entitlement and the logged case. Here are the simple steps:

1) Click the Lookup Helper Menu tab.

2) Click to 'Create Lookup Helper Setting'.

3) Under 'Select Child Object' select Case as the object.

4) Under 'Lookup Field On Case to Update' click the 'Maintain Existing Lookup Relationship'.

5) In the 'Select Lookup Field' drop down, select 'Entitlement ID'.

6) In the 'Select Lookup Helper Setting Type' section for the 'Lookup Helper Setting Type', select the value 'Relate cases when the value in a field matches the value in a field on the Entitlement'.

7) In the 'Select Fields On Case And Entitlement To Match' section, map the 'Account ID' as the Child Case Field as well as the Parent Entitlement Field.

8) Click 'Save Setting'.

9) Click 'Real-time Enablement' tab. Verify that the ability to 'populate a lookup on case when it is updated' is enable (Case Object is real-time enabled).