Are you tired of creating a ton of reports and dashboards in Salesforce to retrieve information about user performance, or unable to obtain some of the information through reports?

With Lookup Helper, you can easily create user performance category records, and find all the information you are looking for in one place! Lookup Helper lets you decide what type of granularity your user performance records need to be at (all time, this year, this quarter, this month, etc). All that is required is a simple formula field that specifies what category the record will fall under.

In the example below I will display a formula field used to categorize closed/won Opportunities by user and the year it was closed (the same thing can be done for tasks, products sold, etc).

Example of formula field required:

IF( TEXT(StageName) == 'Closed Won', Owner.FirstName & " " & Owner.LastName & " - " & TEXT(YEAR(CloseDate)), null)