Resiliency Improvements Made So Far This Year

  • Dynamic Async - CPU, SOQL, and DML limit detection
  • Record Lock Handling
  • Data Skew Detection (record scope monitor)
  • Rollup Helper should just work - no frustrating configuration on the part of the user
  • Our main focus is ensuring that Rollup Helper is as reliable and resilient as possible.
  • To us, resiliency means ensuring that Rollup Helper is smart enough to detect common problems and fix them automatically.
  • We want to build a product that users can trust.

Passage Technology as a company has always endeavored to build solutions that are not only innovative, but can also be trusted by their users - and we on the Helper Suite team definitely share this view.  Our focus with the Helper Suite family of apps has been to ensure that the apps are not only as reliable as possible, but also as resilient as possible.  To us, resiliency means that the app should just work with no frustrating configuration and back and forth on the part of the user.  To that end, we have been making improvements to Rollup Helper to ensure that it is smart enough to detect common issues that users experience and fix them automatically.

One of the changes to Rollup Helper that we are excited about is Dynamic Asynchronous Processing.  Rollup Helper is now much more able to detect when processing rollups synchronously may cause a Salesforce governor limit to be reached, and decide when a rollup should be processed asynchronously instead. With Dynamic Asynchronous functionality, we can reduce the occurrence of (or avoid entirely!) many common errors due to Salesforce governor limits.

We are also adapting Dynamic Asynchronous functionality to ensure that your data load processes run smoothly without complicated configuration or much effort at all required on the part of the user.  All you need to do is set the batch size typically used for your data loads and Rollup Helper will automatically identify when data is being loaded and process those transactions asynchronously to ensure that your data load runs smoothly.

Another piece of new functionality that we believe will help ensure Rollup Helper runs consistently smoothly in your environment is our new record lock handling functionality.  Previously, it was possible for Rollup Helper to lock itself out when performing asynchronous updates to records.  We have improved our queue management logic to ensure that Rollup Helper jobs will no longer collide with each other.

We have also introduced new functionality to ensure that your Rollup Helper record scope is always set at the optimal level.  Our new nightly job profiles your data and will automatically set your record scope to an appropriate number based on the result of that check.

We look forward to continuing to iterate and improve on the Helper Suite apps in the future.  Any feedback we receive from our user base is always greatly appreciated, so if you have a great idea on how the Helper Suite could be improved, please send us an email!