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Prepping for Year-end Sales Awards using Salesforce


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Awards and recognition are coveted across ages and professions (minus maybe the Dundies), and Sales tends to make it a large part of their culture. Rewards for being the top salesperson can be anything from tie-cutting ceremonies and personalized placards, to trips to Hawaii. But how do you keep track of all that data? As a Salesforce user, hopefully you are at least creating reports instead of using shared Excel files that you have to manually update. However, Salesforce reports can be quite tedious to make, especially if you want a lot of details. That's why we've created Data Analysis Helper.

No matter how your org is configured, Data Analysis Helper can assist you. The Sales Performance Intelligence package is great for keeping track of individual sales reps accomplishments, as well as entire sales teams. Territory and Segmentation Intelligence is better for sales teams or individuals divided by different geographical areas or segments, such as industries.

Territory Performance

Tracking general sales totals is a great first step, but they don't tell the whole story of how a rep got there. There's many other performance details you should keep track of. If a sales rep is meeting their target, it might be because they go after deals with higher dollar amounts. Or maybe they have an excellent win rate. Perhaps they close opportunities faster than other team members. You don't get these granular results by looking at sales totals.

Data Analysis Helper packages even have custom alerts. They're normally used for avoiding trouble, but you can easily configure them to see who is standing out. This way sales managers can instantly be notified if someone is performing well above average. Timely praise can be just as important to team morale as swift correction. 

Now you can easily recognize employees that go above and beyond. Tracking who had the largest deal, who had the best win rate percentage, or who averaged the fastest wins will be done automatically for you. All of this, with little set up on your part.

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