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Why B2B Sales Leaders Need to Analyze Both Today’s Macro & Micro Trends


After the pandemic shock of 2020-21, businesses are consistently hearing from analysts that the general sales process has changed, perhaps permanently. There is no shortage of analysis and advice available. In response, Sales Leaders are trying to make the specific adjustments needed to boost sales performance.

Responding to a Changing Sales Landscape

Businesses must address changes in B2B buyers’ behavior, a movement which had already started pre-pandemic. Analyst firms, like McKinsey & Company and Accenture, have done research that shows long-held best practices are shifting. These macro environment issues can’t be ignored.

Using Account Health Status to Boost Sales Conversions and Customer Retention


Sales leaders and customer success professionals continue to face new challenges in a pandemic-affected business environment. Prospects and customers are no longer easily found in their business offices, as lockdowns and remote working make direct communication more difficult. In many industries, engagement and conversion rates for sales have plummeted, constricting the pipeline for new customers. Meanwhile, as customer expectations evolve, the definition of customer success is being redefined.

Data Analysis Helper is now available on the AppExchange


Updated 4-7-2020

Are you looking for real-time analysis of Salesforce data to improve the performance of sales reps/teams, uncover and prioritize at-risk accounts, and communicate strategic opportunities and successes within the organization?

We have the solution - Data Analysis Helper. And it recently has been updated with a new analytic pack, Account Performance Intelligence, that focuses on insights for your Account activities. Download it at Salesforce’s AppExchange.

Data Analysis Helper provides actionable, real-time analytics that are pre-packaged, easily customized, and will not break your budget. Browse a collection of ready-to-use sales and service solutions available as paid add-on analytic packs designed to provide insights and notifications. These packs enable your team to track historic performance, spot trends, and identify opportunities for improvement without any involvement from your Salesforce admins or IT teams.

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