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Ask PT About Managing Repeatable Projects in Salesforce


Dear PT, 

The nature of our business requires completing the same projects over and over. These projects overlap similar projects, each in a different stage of the same project process. The only differences are beginning and end dates, and once in a while a special task or dependency is needed. We tend to create these project plans from scratch each time—how can we streamline our efforts?

Tim Pleats from Standard, Canada

Ask PT About Using Salesforce to Manage Product Development Activities


Dear PT, 

At our company, we use the phase-gate development process to create our products, from releasing new most viable products (MVPs) to updating later versions. It is a lightning fast process, so it is important we improve our project management abilities. We’d like to use Salesforce®, but it has limited project management functionality. Any suggestions?

Emma Veepea from Waterfall, PA

How to Jump Start Your Project Management in Salesforce


Let's face it: project planning is next to impossible with an unorganized and underutilized Salesforce platform. Inconveniently placed data is a major frustration for anyone tasked with the responsibility of running reports. We have a few add-ons to Milestones PM+ that will enhance your project management workflow. We’ve also compiled a few use cases for each of the various add-ons below along with install instructions to make the process even easier:

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