New Features

  • Unlimited number of Storage Recycle Jobs!
    • Storage Helper Free Edition now includes an unlimited number of Storage Recycle Jobs! Instead of being restricted to just one Storage Recycle Job, the number of records that can be deleted monthly is limited to 20,000. To be able to delete more than 20,000 records per month, you must upgrade to Storage Helper Premium Edition.
  • A new Storage Usage Analytics page has been added!
    • Storage Helper now has the ability to track Storage Usage over time. The Storage Usage Analytics page displays detailed information about your storage usage for up to the last 12 months, current top ten storage usage consumers in the org, and top storage usage increases from the last month.
    • Objects with high usage will display on the Storage Usage Analytics page. This section will display possible opportunities where records could be deleted to help your organization save money on storage.
  • The ability to automatically delete old Storage Helper backup files has been added.
  • Cascading Record Deletion - If you have enabled child objects to be deleted on the Storage Recycle Job, the child records will also be deleted when deleting a parent record on the preview page.
  • Predictive Savings Alerts - When viewing the record preview page, Storage Helper now displays the savings that would be provided if the Storage Recycle Job was run.
  • Enhanced Audit Trail - Storage Recycle Jobs now display who created them.

Usability and Performance Improvements

  • Safety Usability Improvement
    • Storage Helper backup mode is now defaulted to backup all fields (previously the default backup mode was off).
    • You may now enable the ‘Force Record Preview for New Storage Recycle Jobs’ setting to force users to preview the records that will be deleted by Storage Helper on setting creation when you view the activation page.
  • Improvements to hover over text and help text.
  • On the manual run selection page, a select all checkbox was added so that a user can easily run multiple Storage Recycle jobs at once.
  • Performance Improvements
    • Storage Helper is now more resistant to CPU timeouts.

Bug Fixes

  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.