Proactive Monitoring Service



  • Ongoing, proactive real-time monitoring of Rollup Helper error emails from your org to ensure changes in configuration do not cause rollup errors.
  • Save troubleshooting time to determine the root cause of rollup errors.
  • Named support agent for your account
  • Guaranteed 4 hour response during company business days


Frequently Asked Questions

What is real-time monitoring?

With real-time monitoring, we will automatically send error messages from your installation of Rollup Helper straight to one of our developers for immediate resolution. You will experience a faster response time on cases that are related to changes in your configuration as we will not have to wait for you to identify the problem and then log a case when this happens. The developer will then request login access to investigate and recommend changes to the Rollup Helper configuration to resolve the problem. If you are using Rollup Helper for critical decision making or important reporting, we HIGHLY recommend this value-added service as any change that you or other admins make to your configuration might have unintended consequences in your org.

*Coterminous with your Rollup Helper subscription.