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Rollup Helper is the ultimate Salesforce Admin Productivity Tool. Watch the 3-minute demo to learn why!

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Rollup Helper Features

  • Real-time and scheduled rollup functionality
  • Sum, max, min, average, count rollups
  • Checkbox and text rollups
  • Create custom filters without SOQL
  • Pre-canned date filters, 30
  • Support for objects, standard and custom
  • Advanced currency management
  • Seamless integration with existing configurations
  • 100% Salesforce native
  • Support for Salesforce Lightning
  • Does not count against roll-up summary limits
Rollup Helper
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Hear what our customers have to say

Rollup Helper is a Lifesaver

"I have installed Rollup Helper in three Salesforce Orgs and have found tremendous benefits in each one. We are using almost 100 rollups in one org alone. It is easy to use, with great case uses to guide you. Their Support team is quick, patient and always willing to spend time with you. I recommend this to anyone who has to create rollup fields in SFDC.

The related applications of Lookup Helper and Storage Helper are a must as well. Lookup Helper has allowed us to cross reference leads and accounts, as well as other objects."

Great app with excellent support

"This tool enabled me to replace an enormous amount of complex code with configuration. We are constantly finding new uses for Rollup Helper, and when I run into questions I get fast/helpful responses from their support team. Highly recommend."