Sales Performance Intelligence

Simplify your sales analytics &
enable your team to succeed


Your sales team is busy, your hot leads are piling up, and your response times are getting longer and longer.

Research shows that the majority of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

Sales Performance Intelligence is built to help your sales team succeed. By providing analytics and tracking your KPIs, this solution will simplify the way your sales team works. 

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What Sales Performance Intelligence will do for your team:

  • Provide intelligent analytics that your sales managers need to identify strategic coaching opportunities with their sales reps.

  • Track critical Sales KPI’s (Time spent selling, response time, win rate, and more!) and organize the results in a format that is easy for a Sales Manager to digest. Reports and charts are displayed in an easy to read format for each KPI. 

  • Notify a Sales manager when certain critical events happen (such as a Sales representative’s response time slipping far below team average).

  • Assist Sales reps and managers in identifying stale opportunities and neglected clients.

  • Your salesforce admins will not be burdened by extensive configuration or a prolonged project.