Salesforce1 Project Management Accelerators

We've taken your project management workflow to the next level of maturity on the Salesforce1 Platform. With our flexible deployment options and 40+ accelerators, you can quickly deliver core & advanced project management capabilities to your org in days or weeks.

What is an accelerator?

An accelerator is a pre-tested component that powers your project management workflow. We utilize our accelerators on our project management implementations when you engage our services team. Through our countless implementations of Milestones PM/PM+, we've learned which accelerators are needed and how to adapt them to meet your exact project management workflow needs. We can quickly deploy an accelerator into your Salesforce environment at a fraction of the cost of a normal project management solution and best of all, we will meet 100% of your requirements in days or weeks! Stop evaluating your next project management product for it's limited feature set and start building your project management solution around your company's key processes.


For Methodology Gurus - Our team will show you how to adapt your current methodology (Agile, Traditional (Waterfall), or Hybrid) into the Milestones PM/PM+. Don't let another project management tool run your process and people; let your people do the magic!

Building Block Approach - Approach your project management solution implementation from the perspective of implementing what you need today.

Fantastic Support We partnered with Salesforce to be the go to partner to offer commercial support to existing installations of Milestones PM.

Feature Rich - We offer a comprehensive library of project management solutions to help you to upgrade your installation of Milestones PM/PM+ quickly and without any issues.

Recommended For Organizations That

Need A Seamless Transition - We will help your team to transition from your current state to your future project management solution.

Need Advanced Project Management - forget about another cookie cutter PM solution, you need something more robust than just basic task management capabilities

Need To Adapt - Meet 100% of Your PM Workflow Needs.