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Save money on your Salesforce storage by safely mass deleting unwanted data.

Watch the demo to learn how.

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Storage Helper Features

  • Mass delete activities, emails, cases, accounts, contacts, or any other standard or custom object
    • On a scheduled basis
    • On an ad-hoc basis
    • After the standard Salesforce export
  • Receive storage usage alerts so you know you when you are nearing your limit
  • Preview records before deletion
  • Safely delete data using optional backup functionality
  • Restore records deleted by Storage Helper with Storage Helper Archive Search
  • Storage Usage Analytics 
Storage Helper
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Hear what our customers have to say

Here is a great free App which can help with one of the regular issues in Salesforce: the storage limits!

"Storage Helper can help you keep track of your data limits and, more importantly, automate deletion of records to keep you within the set limits. For those of us who have to regularly clean out old records (especially campaign member status records maybe??), this could be very helpful."

Awesome Tool For Admin...

"We have a lot of duplicates tasks from our integrated system.Storage helper was the easiest tool to use to mass delete unused data. We Filtered out on tasks which marked completed with having external Id from our system and all unused tasks were gone. Thanks for saving our time and cost for data storage."