Security FAQs

About Salesforce app security

What does it mean to be Native in Salesforce?

A Native Salesforce app is built using the platform and lives in Salesforce. Non-Native apps are not built with, but have integrations with Salesforce.

However, just because an app claims to be “Native” on the AppExchange does not mean they are 100% Native, so be sure to do some research. Luckily for you, all of Passage Technology’s apps are 100% Native.

Some benefits to Native apps include better security and up-time, faster performance, and easier updates and upgrades. Most of these come from the fact that all of your data and data processing will be on your instance of Salesforce instead of on 3rd party servers. That means utilizing Salesforce security and up-time, and real-time access to your data with no delays from a 3rd party. Updates and upgrades are easier because they can be done in one place for all of your apps. Plus, because they’re all built with the same platform, they can easily integrate with each other.

What security do I have with Passage Technology apps?

Because all of our apps are 100% Native, we utilize the servers and security from Salesforce. We do not have servers of our own, nor do we store or transmit any customer data. This is great for you as Salesforce has renowned security, following best practices in the industry. Learn more about Salesforce’s policies, data processing, and certifications.

How does Passage Technology handle APIs?

Some of our apps use a Metadata API. However, we do not store any kind of access token for your environment. Our apps do not transmit any data outside of Salesforce. The Metadata API callout is used only in the context of trigger and field deployment, and the only token it uses is the User Session ID, which is only used in the single apex transaction. The deployment is all done in your environment, and does not require any connection external to Salesforce.

Does Salesforce review Passage Technology apps?

All apps on the AppExchange have to go through a rigorous security review from Salesforce before being posted.

Other Important Links

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