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Milestones PM+ is the customizable project management solution for Salesforce. There is no better way to ensure that a project management solution is going to be the best fit for your organization and business processes than to try it out in your environment. Request a Milestones PM+ Premium Edition Trial today.

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Note: Sandbox installs receive access to the Premium (paid) version and do not require a trial request.

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Lifesaver for tracking Projects

"This app is a life saver if you want to track projects and along with their milestones and tasks assigned to each project member. Gantt charts provide the holistic view of what is being done and how much it is being done. We were thinking of using another application however when we reviewed it, it turned out to be perfect for our organization. It does increases productivity as well because everything seems to be so streamlined and we do not have to manage it on Excel. Happy to use this product!"

Lifesaver for the Solo Admin...

"I use Milestones PM+ to manage all system administrator related projects. As we are an expanding org working on both major and mid-scale integrations, I appreciate the ease with which I can set up a project and track tasks and milestones. The application is pretty flexible; I can go into the level of detail I need for the particular project, and it's easy to view upcoming due dates and other information in reports. I would highly recommend this app for any PM, but especially those who work on implementation projects."