Salesforce Gantt Chart for Project and Task Management

Extremely customizable and incredibly efficient, the Gantt chart is a highlight of Salesforce project management app Milestones PM+.

Mass update Tasks, Milestones, Projects in a convenient, grid-like format.

  • Changes are synced across Salesforce to the related records, including successors and parent/child relationships, eliminating wasted efforts and saving time.
  • Ensures current, accurate data for quicker meeting preparations and on-the-fly report requests.
  • Dates, Owners, Resource assignments, statuses– anything and everything can be updated with the Gantt easily and quickly.
  • Flexibility for high-level planning and adjustments with Dynamic Drag-and-drop.
  • Adaptable for all date shifting practices.
  • Share Project schedules and progress with email, PDF, and print copy.
    • Keep non-Salesforce users in the loop affordably.
    • Restrict visibility and enforce security with hidden Project, Milestone, Task details.
  • Accessible via the Salesforce mobile app.
Salesforce project Gantt chart colors with task management app Milestones PM+

Color code your way.

  • Status: new, complete, late, blocked, cancelled
  • Object: Task, Milestone, Project, successors
  • Over/under budgets: time/hours, expenses/spend
  • By record, Project type, owner or Resource, or object.
  • Manually and automatically. Org-wide, per manager, and per user.
  • Perfect for accommodating color vision deficiencies.
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