Resource Management Solutions for Salesforce Projects and Tasks

Resources in Salesforce project management app Milestones PM+ are Contacts (non-Salesforce users) and Users for Task assignments. With this hybrid approach, Milestones PM+ is ideal for internal projects and external projects with the flexibility to accommodate both.

Resource Assignment

Improve work organization and project progress with Milestones PM+ Resource Assignments.

  • Ensure Task assignments have a point of contact so project managers know who to check in with and coordinators know who to reach out to.
  • Assuring every Task is covered reduces delays and errors while accelerating independent efforts not subject to other Tasks.
  • Maintain security and accuracy by incorporating external participants on Projects when access isn’t required.*
  • Make better assignment decisions with Resource insights.
    • Improve quality based on Resource skills.
    • Improve efficiency based on Resource availability.

Resource Allocation

Milestone PM+ Resource Finder is ideal if “Can the Resource…?” is more important than “Who’s the Resource?” Attribute skills, teams, and other distinctions to each Resource and use the Resource Finder to filter the most capable, available options for Task assignments.

Compare workloads and Task distributions with the Resource Gantt. Learn which Tasks and, by extension, Projects take up the most time from Resources and analyze their allocation to others. Easily reassign Tasks to restore balance and alleviate strain among teams.

Resource Alerts

Prevent unnecessary Project delays with Resource Alert solutions from Milestones PM+.

Use in conjunction with Salesforce’s native reminder system by syncing Project Tasks to Salesforce Tasks, which then can sync to Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

Automatically or on an individual basis, Project Resource communications are easily customizable with Milestones PM+.

Salesforce Resource Management with Milestones PM+

User Resources: Employees for Internal projects

  • Identify workload imbalances and resolve with reassignments.
  • Improve efficiency by assigning Tasks that are time-sensitive and/or skill-based to capable Resources.
  • Reduce delays and enable consistent productivity with automated email alerts.
  • Better visibility of Tasks with the True-view Calendar.
  • Determine time and effort estimates for future projects and deliverables by reporting with Time logs.

Contact Resources: Third-party external projects

Customer Projects

Partner programs

  • Not all Resources are in-house. Assign to Tasks:
    • contractors who will be responsible for completing.
    • vendors for tracking shipment information and order progress.
    • consultants who will be needed for input and referrals.
  • Reward top performers and indicate preferred Resources by analyzing Project data.
  • Make better decisions when searching to fill a Task Assignment by attributing specialities and proficiencies.
* Resources needing access to project data in your org require a Salesforce license. Ask about our discounted Milestones PM+ per-user licenses today.
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