Time Entry in Milestones PM+ makes time keeping very easy for your teams and allows you the flexibility to have time logged on ANY standard or custom object. Manage time for projects, services, cases, billing, payroll, estimates, or SLAs the way you need to today.


  • Manage estimated and actual time spent on projects
  • Manage time spent on cases and keep cases SLA compliant
  • Use time in invoices for billing systems/processes
  • Put time into approval processes & integrate time reporting into payroll systems/processes
  • Create estimates from time
  • Completely native; your data stays securely in your org
Tracking Billable and Nonbillable Time for Customer Projects: free Salesforce project management app Milestones PM+


  • Includes time tracking ON ANY object, including
    • Any Standard Object
      • Cases
      • Accounts
    • Any Custom Objects
      • Projects
      • Project Milestones/Task Groups
      • Project Task
  • Save, submit, and approve time
  • Check totals of time entered to ensure accuracy
  • Integrate time captured on Salesforce calendar
  • Enter time on assigned tasks
  • Customize which items appear in your time grid
  • Customize mini-page layouts for each item in the time grid
  • View Milestone and Task Hours Estimates on the time grid
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