Salesforce Project Management App with Time Tracking on Tasks, Cases, and more!

With Milestones PM+ time entry in Salesforce, log hours on project tasks, cases, and any other object – standard and custom.

Visibility to productivity as an all-in-one Employee Time Entry Solution including non-project time.

  • Log hours directly on Salesforce records, including in real-time with the Task Timer, or the Time Entry Grid.
  • Review and mass update weekly timesheets.
  • Time entries sync across Salesforce so users need only create and edit only once.
  • Send email notifications when submitting entries to the Approval Manager.
  • Payroll can utilize time records manually in their processes or automatically via Flow.
Tracking Billable and Nonbillable Time for Customer Projects: free Salesforce project management app Milestones PM+

Milestones PM+ is 100% Salesforce-native for seamless Project Contract Management.

  • Easily access account and project data, including related opportunities and contacts, which stays securely in your org.
  • Accurate insights to hours incurred and purchased time remaining.
  • Increase status awareness with notifications when logged hours approach or exceed time budgeted.
  • Enhanced time management with billable and non-billable details, such as risk and issue documentation.
  • Improve estimates for a better customer experience with post-project reporting.
Some functionality may require additional setup, covered with Milestones PM+ Starter Packs.
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