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Our products are 100% cloud-based, so you and your users receive new features and updates automatically,without needing to install or update any software. However, you can still control when new features become available for users.

We are always excited to bring you the newest features as soon as they are ready, but we have heard from some customers with complex IT environments that they would like more notice before new features are deployed to their users. To address these requests, we created a feature release process aimed at helping you balance the benefits of accessing improvements as soon as they're ready with the task of integrating the changes into your organization.

Our process has two release tracks:

Rapid Release (BETA): Customers on the Rapid Release track have access to new BETA features as soon as the features have completed preliminary testing.

Scheduled Release: Customers on the Scheduled Release track gain access to new features on a regular release schedule following the initial release of those features through the Rapid Release track. These features have completed all phases of testing and full release notes are documented for each major release. Customers on the Scheduled Release track have more time to familiarize themselves with new features using a sandbox environment. In addition, with the release notes they are able to educate support staff and communicate any changes to their users.

For production environments, the Scheduled Release track is only available to paying subscribers. All Sandbox environments and organizations that do not have a paid subscription are on the Rapid Release track. Customers who have a paid subscription and who are on the Scheduled Release track may opt-in to the Rapid Release track in advance of the scheduled release communication.


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