Solutions for Salesforce Business Analysts

It's hard to solve business challenges when you don't have the right tools — whether that's to discover the core issue, or to go about creating a solution — but we can help you every step of the way!

We can help you create the needed reports and critical business insights to uncover the underlying problems and isolate negative business outcomes. If the data is not of high enough quality to do the proper research, we can help the organization to improve data quality for more accurate results. Then, when resources become inevitably strained or over-allocated, or you simply have too many initiatives that need prioritization or tracking, our project management solution(s) can be  set up to manage resource assignments, task lists, schedules, and work priorities. We are not a company that limits our solutions to what is offered out of the box, nor do we always delay the next feature you need to the next big packaged release. We have exceptional design, architecture, and engineering capability to build or integrate complex and cost effective custom solutions and integrations to fit your needs, leveraging our pre-existing IP.

Reports & Critical Business Insights

The first step to getting to the root of a problem is to do research. Maybe that's collecting information about customers and prospects, or it might be looking at internal processes. Either way, creating reports can be time consuming if you have to make new formula fields to get the data you want. At the same time, users wish they could see all relevant information on a record without having to click around to related objects. 

Lookup Helper can relate all of your important information for you! Your users will be able to easily find relevant information by using standard Salesforce related lists and lookup hover-over capabilities. You can auto-populate lookups using record matching rules. Group data by time period, geography, or any other category.

Rollup Helper boosts reporting capabilities with cross object rollups, and custom filters allow you to rollup data to a centralized object. Results can be used in flow, validation rules, or formula fields.  We have over 25 types of rollups you can create, including Advanced Currency Management, unique count, checkbox, and text to name a few.

Improving Data Quality

You play a critical role in uncovering problems and developing solutions. However, to do the job well, you need to have the highest confidence in the data you are using. Like many people and functions in your enterprise, your work product will only be as good as the quality of the data. There may be many reasons why data is incomplete or disconnected. Fixing the issues may become a priority before your work can begin. And even better would be preventing issues in the first place.

Establishing a comprehensive, repeatable, standardized process for data creation and maintenance for all users can go a long way toward fixing existing data issues and preventing the creation of new ones. Users could follow a uniform set of rules. When issues are identified by the process, users should be empowered to act. Such a process could set you up for success as an analyst. Working with your Admin who would likely lead the effort, you could help with implementation, management, and completion of the company-wide project to elevate data quality in Salesforce. Since you likely are aware of data quality issues that have caused you and your company troubles in the past, you can explain those to the Admin so rules may be defined to prevent those issues from arising again.

With the Data Quality Helper app, you have many more tools at your disposal, far better than default Salesforce functionality. The app allows for the creation of customizable rules for data validation and duplicate data resolution. With clicks not code, the app aids in building a data quality process that meets the unique needs of your particular business.

  • Flexible validation rules for any Object can be soft (allow a save) or hard (prevent a save) and customizable warnings and instructions could be displayed before or after the save—addressing any data quality situation in need of improvement. 
  • Duplicate data detection is based on the customized sensitivity matching set for any standard or custom Object—eliminate fragmented and confusing data.
  • When Salesforce users are shown a warning, the app empowers them to resolve the issue per validation guidelines or merge data from potential duplicate records into a corrected master record, if needed.

Project Management

What we can help with:


How customers have managed projects:

Once you've identified the problem, you can start working on the solution. Using a project management app inside of Salesforce let's you detail all the necessary Tasks and Milestones, while also letting you relate Salesforce records. Milestones PM+ is 100% Salesforce-native app, with a free edition that includes to-do lists, Salesforce mobile app compatibility, and a variety of project creation options leveraging templates. Milestones PM+ Premium Edition has enhanced functionality including time tracking & approval, and resource management.

Finding available resources to work on new projects or urgent tasks can be difficult, especially if specific skills or credentials are required. Milestones PM+ Premium Edition has complete resource management functionality with a resource finder for determining the best available people, leveraging current workload and skills.

Keep clients in the loop on progress easily. You can assign external Salesforce contacts as a resource on tasks if needed. You can also have field team members access projects through the mobile app while on-site with a client.

Tracking logged hours on projects is critical to improving processes. Milestones PM+ Premium Edition has Enterprise-ready time entry and time approval on projects, tasks, or any object in Salesforce.

Improving your project management doesn’t have to stop at just your project management app though. To help rank projects or tasks, use Prioritization Helper to score records based on criteria you create. If projects and tasks start taking up too much space, use Storage Helper to automatically and safely delete old records.

Custom Solutions & Integrations

Every company is unique, and your specific challenges may require a custom solution. We're Salesforce Consulting Partners with over a dozen certified developers. We have a proven process to build the solution you need, migrate any previous data, and train your users on how to use the finished solution.

We support you every step of the way when moving your company forward — by getting the right data, making strategic and tactical decisions, removing technical debt, transitioning from legacy systems, or building whatever solutions are needed for your company.

"Passage Technology was a great partner for us while working to decommission over a dozen systems and migrate the functionality to a single Salesforce application... We appreciate the team and all the work they put in on the project and as a result our organization benefits from a single source." — AppExchange review

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