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Create New Aggregate “Data Category” Records

You can now automatically create new data records. These new data records will allow you to display to users “detail pages” in Salesforce which can show rolled-up information for any key information in your Salesforce database (zip codes/post codes, provinces/states, regions, territories, users, products, customer groups, and any other master data. Users will also spend less time clicking around to find information that can be accessed in one-click or a hover over, rather than hunt for that “one report.”

Automatically Set Lookups

Only an #AwesomeAdmin understands the amazing benefits brought by setting lookups automatically in your database. Your data is now more interconnected as you define important lookups such as relating leads to their accounts.

Display Related Records Anywhere in Salesforce

By letting Lookup Helper relate all of your important information, your users will be able to easily find relevant information by leveraging the standard Salesforce related lists and lookup hover-over capabilities. No more "how do I" training to get to aggregated information or extra reports/dashboards to provide this information.

Free Edition Features:

  • Auto-populate lookups using record matching rules
  • Match records using ID/record name
  • Match Records by matching field values
  • Group data by time period or geography
  • Works with standard and custom objects
  • 2 lookup settings

Premium Edition Features:

  • UNLIMITED lookup settings
  • Prioritized Support
  • Consistent access to Stable Releases