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Customizable Rules for Enhanced Data Validation & Duplicate Data Resolution — More Flexibility for Admins and Users

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Improve Your Organization's Salesforce Data — Quickly and Easily

Get beyond Salesforce® default limitations for data quality management with the specialized tools in this 100%-native app. Enjoy enhanced data validation rules and better duplicate resolution processes


Admins are given more control, and users are empowered to create and maintain better records. No third-party software or platform needed. This app extends your current Salesforce functionality.

Customizable Data Validation Rules

  • Display Reminders and Warnings for Users - Triggered when an Admin’s defined set of criteria is met while a user creates/updates or views a record. Rules run before or after save.
  • Text of Messages Is Fully Customizable - Merge fields may be used. Admins can customize the message, font, format, color, and background.
  • Select What Happens After Warning Is Displayed - When defining a validation rule, Admins can allow users to continue with the save or prevent the save until the issue is resolved. Not as restrictive as Salesforce’s default hard validation rules.

Flexible Data Duplication Rules and Data Merging

  • More Control Over Dedupe and Merge Process - Exceeds Salesforce’s rigid default functionality. Establish an ideal version of your data records across your organization and prevent fractured data.
  • Customizable Dupe Detection - For any object, Admins set the rules and sensitivity matching desired for displaying dupe notifications to users.
  • More User-Friendly Options for Data Merging - Users pick and choose individual fields from discovered dupe records to merge into a new single correct record.

Dynamic Form Creation

  • Customize which fields or sections should be displayed - Define criteria that a record should meet in order for field(s) to display to users.

Data Quality Helper Premium Edition

New Customer Pricing

$1,200/org/year This price only applies if you accept our standard agreements. Contact us if you need a customized quote at

Data Quality Helper Premium Features

Upgrade to Data Quality Helper Premium Edition for unlimited enhanced data validation rules, unlimited duplicate resolution rules, and priority support, plus all of the features in the Free Edition.

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