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Extend the Capabilities of the Salesforce Platform

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For businesses using Salesforce, the competitive landscape is always evolving. Are you optimally managing the platform and turning data into actionable information? Could you use tips and techniques to get more out of Salesforce?

These exclusive, free guides offer insights for a number of important business functions, helping achieve meaningful business transformation, efficient cost-saving, and continuous improvement. Download your copy today.

Check out our Essential Guides for:

  • Salesforce Admins and Developers — Selecting the right Admin Apps and End-User Apps can make a huge difference.
  • Project Leaders — Effective project management is a competitive advantage, saving on resources and reducing costly delays.
  • Sales Leaders — Building a high-performing sales team is more important than ever, and data analytics is key.
  • Decision Makers — Improve decision making when it comes to strategy, prioritization, planning, hiring, and execution.


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