Prioritization Helper, Salesforce app for decision-making and importance rating.
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  • Make quick yet scientific decisions for complicated scenarios in today's fast paced environment.
  • Achieve group consensus for every decision made despite its degree of complexity.
  • Hold participants accountable and have the peace of mind with archived decision results. Decisions are made and kept securely in your Salesforce organization without the hassle of external integrations.

What is Prioritization Helper?

Prioritization Helper is a general purpose tool for selecting one or more desired alternatives based on criteria and user inputs via pairwise comparisons.

With Prioritization Helper, teams can easily reach a consensus, prioritize their objectives in order of importance, and feel confident about the order of their work moving forward.

It uses the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for calculations, and supports group decisions by inviting other users to participate in evaluations.


  • 100% Salesforce Native, built with the Lightning Component Framework, while supporting both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience
  • Collaborative decision making via the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to reduce cognitive biases
  • Invite stakeholders who may or may not have access to Salesforce*
  • Save evaluation result to Salesforce Files, or directly download the result as a PDF document 
  • Perform what-if analysis on evaluation results by excluding selected criteria
  • View individual evaluation results
  • Restrict participant's access with Apex Managed Sharing

*Requires Salesforce Site