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What is Prioritization Helper?

Prioritization Helper is a tool to help enable your critical business decisions. And it’s better than sending out a poll or holding a real-time vote because the truth is, people are imperfect beings. There are plenty of obstacles that get in the way of rational reasoning such as cognitive bias or sunk cost fallacy.

With Prioritization Helper, teams can easily reach a consensus, or prioritize their objectives in order of importance while understanding how a decision was made.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Enable informed group decisions by inviting all stakeholders to weigh criteria most important to them, and rate all options against those criteria. Great for critical decisions like software selections, hiring a new employee, or choosing events to sponsor.

These comparisons make all team members feel heard as the criteria an Administrator finds important won’t always match a Sales person's. Prioritization Helper also helps reduce bias that may influence people’s choices.

Prioritize Records Within Salesforce Objects, Without a Developer

Wouldn’t it be great if all team members were on the same page about which items should be tackled first? Individuals and groups can use Value or Matrix Scoring to score records inside of Salesforce Objects. This way Sales will know which opportunities to attack first, and IT will know which bugs to fix urgently. And if your priorities change, the priority scores can be updated in real time.

Priority scores display as a Salesforce formula field. Therefore, it is always up to date with zero delays, can be used in reports, and does not require database updates. It is a stable alternative to other processes such as Process Builder or custom apex code.

The best part is that Value and Matrix Scoring provide a more straightforward visual input than coding, which makes it easier for any team member to create. It’s also easier to change in the future, rather than having to change the code itself. Here is a breakdown of the similarities and differences between Value and Matrix Scoring.


  • 100% Salesforce Native. Supports both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.
  • 3 Sections:
  1. Value Scoring: Prioritize records in any Object in Salesforce without coding by adding or subtracting points for meeting certain conditions.
  2. Matrix Scoring: Prioritize records in any Object in Salesforce without coding with a points based system using a matrix.
  3. Pairwise Comparisons: Collaborative decision making via the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to reduce cognitive biases.
    • Invite stakeholders who may or may not have access to Salesforce for their input on decisions.
    • Save evaluation result to Salesforce Files, or directly download the result as a PDF document.

Additional Components

Our Prioritization Helper components will help you prioritize tasks within other apps or packages you may have in your org. These components can be downloaded with no additional charge, but you will need to have Prioritization Helper already installed for these components to work. 

  • component: Prioritize tasks inside of your Workspace Command Center package. Tasks can be edited on the spot and will respond to location changes via the Workplace Command Center’s location dropdown.
  • Milestones PM+ component: Prioritize your Project Tasks inside of our project management app, Milestones PM+  (free or paid). Project Tasks can be edited without leaving the tab and can be filtered to a single project's tasks by placing the component on a Project's record page.

Prioritization Helper Premium Edition

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Interested in Prioritization Helper?

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Helper Suite is a bundle of Salesforce apps that are trustworthy, easy-to-use, and highly-rated on the AppExchange. Empower admins with Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper, manage Salesforce data with Storage Helper, and improve record details and decision-making with Prioritization Helper.

While each app is useful on their own, the whole is greater than the sum of their parts. Together, they take care of common problems faced by Admins, such as: Data Enrichment, Storage Space, Building & Running Reports, Salesforce User Adoption, and Industry Compliance like GDPR.

The Helper Suite bundle includes special discount pricing for the Premium Editions of Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, Storage Helper, and Prioritization Helper. Available in single- and multi-year subscriptions, Helper Suite apps are 100% Salesforce native and Lightning-ready.

"This tool has been great for helping our team members with their high case loads-- pretty simple to set up on the back end. Now my users can look at a report of all of their cases and see which ones management deems to be most urgent according to the data we chose. We are already thinking of several other use-cases that this tool can help us with."

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