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A Month of Volunteering: How We're Expanding Our Pledge 1% Commitment


Sometimes making a difference makes all the difference, and we're striving to make an impact for our communities. This year, we expanded our Pledge 1% commitment to encompass volunteering in our local communities, as well as making cards for kids who will be hospitalized. 


Ask PT About Viewing Open Cases on Salesforce Contact or Account Level


Dear PT, 

Salesforce® functionality will let you view open Cases within your org. However, sometimes there are situations where it would be useful to view this information on a more granular level, for specific Contacts or Accounts. How could our company set up this at-a-glance list view, which also has filters for priority and status?

O. Pennliste from Caseville, MI

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New Support Page Provides Easy Access to Resources & Options

At Passage Technology, we put customers at the center of everything we do. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re launching our enhanced customer Support page. 

Ask PT About Tracking Billable/Non-Billable Hours in Salesforce


Dear PT, 

With every customer project, there are billable and non-billable hours required to complete the objectives. Of course, customers are very interested in proper accounting—it’s their money on the line. But for our company, the non-billable hours are a necessary cost to us for deploying resources and getting the job done. It is an important metric for measuring efficiency and billing properly, overall and in various departments. Can you help us make sure we are not unnecessarily losing money on these customer engagements?

Bud Jetting in Costa Mesa, CA

Ask PT About Prioritizing Salesforce Open Cases Based on Open Tasks


Dear PT, 

Is there an easy way to show how many Tasks are left to be completed in an open Salesforce® Case? This would help us to manage resources better and ultimately be more productive as an organization. It also might prevent us from closing a Case before it’s truly complete.

O. Penntask from the OC

Advantages Rollup Helper Has Over Flow


Rollups are often necessary to get data on Objects or to build reports, but there are several limitations.

One of the biggest obstacles is that standard rollups can only be used between Objects with a Master-Detail relationship. This results in Admins turning to other tools to create rollups when they are between Objects with a Lookup relationship, or even when they need to create hierarchy rollups within the same Object. Users can be tempted to create these rollups with Flow, but as we describe further, there are limitations in Flow. Our AppExchange app, Rollup Helper, offers significant advantages over Flow as it is a tool purposely built to create and manage all your rollup needs.

Ask PT About Reducing Response Time with New Leads in Salesforce


Dear PT, 

Buyer expectations are rapidly evolving. Now you can measure buyer intent in nearly real-time. However, at our company, our new Lead response time is often measured in days, not hours. Studies show that best practices require a response measured in minutes. Any ideas on how we can extend Salesforce® capabilities to make this internal improvement?

Hawt Leede from Prospect Heights, IL

How Technology Solutions Can Transform Education and Improve Outcomes


Helping Education Clients Make the Most of Their Salesforce Org

As the new school year begins, many school systems are struggling to meet the increased needs of their students and families. In its “Supporting Student Success in a Changing World” guide Salesforce® reports, “The world is significantly different today than it was even just months ago. External factors that may not appear to have a direct impact on education can affect our students in surprising ways.”

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