Solutions for IT Managers Using Salesforce

With tech stacks becoming larger, more expensive and interconnected, it can be a lot to manage. One of the great things about Salesforce is being able to keep a lot of your information in one place through multiple clouds and AppExchange apps. As an IT Manager, you're probably trying to balance finding ways to enable your Salesforce users to do what they need to, while still being secure and following compliance. You also want to keep IT projects on track while avoiding technical debt.

Security & Compliance

Data protection and privacy laws like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) are becoming more common, so you want your company to have the best practices for data privacy for everyone. Thankfully, Salesforce has created an Individual object to help you keep track of an individual’s data privacy preferences.

Customizing and using the Individual object according to your business will help you honor your customers’ wishes regarding how their data is stored and used, and when it needs to be deleted. The "right to be forgotten" applies when  customers no longer wish for you to retain data about them, when you no longer have a legal basis for processing, or when it’s no longer necessary to keep their data. You can delete an Individual and its related records with Storage Helper.

How can you trust users outside of your department with these apps? All of our apps are 100% Native! That means we can't access your data, and we can rely on Salesforce's secure infrastructure. 

Enabling Salesforce Users

What we can help with:

  • Improving data quality in your Salesforce org
  • Creating hierarchy rollups, or rollups on objects with a lookup relationship, without code
  • Automatically relating objects based on matching information
  • Deleting unnecessary data to save on storage costs


How customers enabled their users:

A lot of requests to the IT team come from other departments that need assistance setting up or maintaining the company's tech stack as well as the data in it. The easier it is for your users to manage this on their own, the less you need to get involved. 

Assist your Salesforce Admins with multiple apps. Data Quality Helper lets Admins use customizable rules for enhanced data validation and duplicate data resolution, which helps users to elevate overall data quality. Rollup Helper creates rollups between objects with a lookup relationship and even hierarchy rollups on the same object without needing a developer. Lookup Helper automatically relates objects based on matching information to cut down on duplicate records. And Storage Helper automatically deletes unnecessary data to save on storage costs.

All of these apps let users build needed items with clicks and not code, saving money on developer costs.

Managing IT Projects

What we can help with:


How customers manage projects:

Tech projects sometimes go off the rails — changing requirements push out deadlines and add to costs. Stay on top of your projects by using our project management app, Milestones PM+. Assign projects, tasks, or milestones to the right contact (even those outside of your org), and keep track of resource workloads to evenly assign work.

Avoiding Technical Debt

Every company is unique, and your specific challenges may need a custom solution. However, you want to do it in a way that will take care of current issues, while being sustainable to maintain in the future. We're Salesforce Consulting Partners with over a dozen certified developers. We have a proven process to build the solution you need, migrate any previous data, and train your users on how to use the finished solution.

We support you every step of the way to moving your company in the right direction — by getting the right data, making tactical decisions, removing technical debt, moving off of legacy systems, or building whatever is needed for your company!

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