New Functionality

  • Value Scoring
    • Ability to enter new picklist/multi picklist values (e.g. to match inactive picklist values)
    • Added new operators:
      • Match all specified values for a multi picklist...

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Milestones PM+ is now accessible in the new Salesforce mobile app.
  • Move or clone project templates from documents to Salesforce files.
  • Cache the progress of...

New Features

Rollup Helper Release Notes

New Functionality:

  • Added the ability to create a “Unique Count” rollup.  
  • Added an “ends with” filter logic option.
  • Added retry functionality to allow retry of any rollups that failed based on...

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Feature Management is now enabled. Users will be able to access all functionality after installation, including premium features after purchase, without...

New Functionality

  • Value Scoring
    • Added compiled size estimates for each single condition & a compiled size sum in the footer
    • Added support to compare Multipicklist and Picklist fields against...
Lookup Helper Release Notes

IMPORTANT: Anyone upgrading from a version of Lookup Helper prior to 9.x needs to perform a 2-step upgrade by installing version 8.24.5 first, before installing the 9.x version. To get the...