Rollup Helper v11.0 Beta Release Notes

Rollup Helper v11.0 Beta Release Notes

New Functionality:
Added the ability to schedule a weekly email from the Health Check page so that you can be notified if any issue(s) would be flagged if you visited the page.
Links to the Rollup Helper Admin Guide have been added to the app.
More information has been added to the app regarding how to utilize Rollup Helper to its fullest potential if your environment does not have access to the Metadata API.
Added an option to allow users to have all multiselect picklist selections count as one “value.”

*Please note, this is a BETA release that adds to the functionality that was previously released in version 10.22, which includes real time in the Free Edition of the app. You can view v 10.22 release notes here.

Rollup Helper v10.22 Release Notes

Rollup Helper v10.22 Release Notes

New Functionality:  

  • You may now run your Rollups in Real-time in Rollup Helper Free Edition.
  • We have added a section (Update Links) to the in app Rollup Helper Help & FAQ page that includes links that will allow you to check if a new Beta version of Rollup Helper is available as well as links to our Release Notes and information about our release process.
  • Added a query validation tool to the rollup edit page. You can click the ‘Validate Query’ button to have Rollup Helper run the child query to determine whether any child records exist that match defined criteria.
  • Rollup Helper should now provide information regarding the rollups that may have been impacted by a particular exception where possible.

Rollup Helper v10.18 Release Notes

Rollup Helper v10.18 Release Notes

We have implemented a ‘Rollup Helper Health Check’ page!  This page can be reached from the Rollup Helper home page and will automatically detect any common Rollup Helper issues that are present in your environment (such as a Rollup that is manual run only) and provide advice for how to resolve the problem.

Storage Helper v2.4 Release Notes

Storage Helper v2.4 Release Notes

Storage Helper v2.4 Release Notes

New Features

  • Records recycled by Storage Helper may now be backed up into a .csv file.
  • Storage Helper savings will now be displayed in the local currency type if multi currency is enabled for the Salesforce org.
  • Added ability to filter on parent record fields within the Storage Recycle Job criterion.

Milestones PM+ Spring 2017 Release Notes

Milestones PM+ Spring 2017 Release Notes

The following are highlights from the Spring 2017 Milestones PM+ Release. There were many changes made. To view the full release notes, please click the button at the bottom of the page: View Full Release Notes

Storage Helper 2.1.7 Release Notes

Storage Helper 2.1.7 Release Notes

Storage Helper Version 2.1.7 Release Notes

Storage Helper will now recycle archived Tasks and Events and will also suggest ways to reduce the usage percentage so you may avoid hitting the storage limit.

Lookup Helper 6.11 Release

Lookup Helper 6.11 Release

Performance Improvements

  • Create category records when matching based on field values.

    • Lookup Helper will create parent records automatically when a lookup field is populated on the child object using the match on field value option.  

  • Prevent field overwrite/clearing.

    • Lookup Helper now has an option to prevent overwriting existing values or clearing existing values on run.  

  • Lookup Helper has been divided into two separate packages for the Free Edition and Premium Edition. For existing Premium Edition users there will not be a need to install two separate packages, but any new installs will have two installation links - one for the base package (Free Edition) and one for Premium Edition.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when saving and naming a custom setting Lookup Helper would overwrite with its own generated name.
  • Fixed issue where the default record scope was not being set on update or new install.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to create a foreign key field when the parent and child object were the same object.
  • Fixed issue where Lookup Helper was not properly reporting errors generated when saving settings.
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to drill into child fields on field match field.
  • Fixed issue where Lookup Helper was hitting SOQL 101 on data imports.

Storage Helper Version 1.4

Storage Helper Version 1.4

We are extremely excited to share with you the first release of our newest app Storage Helper!


New Features:

  • Enable the ability to recycle old/unwanted data on any standard or custom object through the creation of Storage Recycle Jobs.

  • Define the criteria that a record will have to meet in order for it to be recycled.

  • Run Storage Recycle Jobs in the three following modes:

    1. Recycle data after the standard Salesforce export

    2. Recycle data on a scheduled basis

    3. Recycle data on an ad hoc basis

  • Create a data alert threshold to receive data usage alerts at any data usage percent you'd like.

  • Limit the number of records recycled by Storage Helper allowing your data to be safely stored in the recycling bin.

  • Preview records that meet the criteria defined for a Storage Recycle Job.

  • Automatically calculate data storage usage on a daily basis.

  • View the usage percentage on the Storage Recycle Jobs page.

  • Display how much money Storage Helper has saved your organization.

  • View when a Storage Recycle Job was last run.

  • View the status of any Storage Recycle Job.

  • Adjust the average size of your Salesforce Email Messages (used in the data usage calculation).


Free Edition Features:

  1. Maximum of one Storage Recycle Job.


Premium Edition Features:

  1. Unlimited Storage Recycle Jobs.

Spring 2016 - Milestones PM+ Release

Spring 2016 - Milestones PM+ Release

Milestones PM+ Free Edition


  • Gantt Color Customization - You can now use workflow to configure whatever '6-digit' colors you wish to have displayed on the gantt chart. On the project, milestone, or task objects, there is now a Gantt_Color__c custom field that you can populate with the color codes. We recommend using a "when the record is created" workflow to automatically assign/default these values for your records. With this feature, you can now set different color schemes for projects vs milestones vs tasks or for completed, late, not started, etc tasks. (v6.8)
  • Expand All / Collapse All - You can now easily "expand all" tasks or "collapse all" tasks for each milestone displayed in one click. (v6.13)
  • Sticky Tasks - The state of expanded or collapsed milestones will stick while you're on the project. (v6.13)
  • Fiscal Year Support  -The gantt chart will now start the display of months according to your fiscal year configuration. Please note that the fiscal year configuration is in the Fiscal Year Offset custom setting. (v6.8)

Other Changes

  • Performance improvement to the automated project creation process. (v6.11)
  • Bug fixes related to the gantt chart PROJECT view. (v6.14)

Milestones PM+ Premium Edition


  • You can now easily view the print date of the gantt chart when printing. No more guessing if the data is too old. (v6.14)
  • Added account name on the print page and removed Salesforce logo. (v6.10)


  • Internal/External tasks and milestones. (v6.8)
  • Delete Tasks - Added the ability to delete selected tasks. Warning: When electing to delete a milestone, please note that all tasks for the deleted milestone will also be deleted. (v6.9)

Other Changes

  • Bug fixes related to the gantt chart PRINT view and MANAGE views. (v6.14) 

Winter 2016 - Rollup Helper Release

Winter 2016 - Rollup Helper Release

New UI

Rollup Helper was among the first group of apps that were Lightning Ready! To see our new UI, you will need to enable the Salesforce Lightning user interface in your org. Not ready to upgrade to lightning? Don't worry, you can just continue to use the Salesforce Aloha user interface which will still show UI improvements. 

Checkbox Rollups

We have a new aggregation type that you can rollup - ‘Checkbox’. Checkbox rollups can be used to easily verify whether a given checkbox is checked on any related child record.

Expanded Date Filtering

We have included support for several new date filter types such as Last / Next Quarter. This allows you to create your rollup date filters to flexibly adapt to any situation.

Faster Rollups

Rollup Helper asynchronous processes can now take advantage of Salesforce’s new Queueable interface. All of your batch or scheduled rollups will now run much faster.

Expanded Text Delimiters

New options have been added to delimit Text rollups.

And Several Quality of Life Improvements / Bug Fixes

Winter 2016 Milestones PM+ Release Notes

Winter 2016 Milestones PM+ Release Notes

This post contains the release notes for the Winter 2016 release of Milestones PM+. This release starts with v5.0 of the application. This was a major release as it includes the following summary of changes:


-Lightning Compatible - We made changes to the entire UI to be compliant with Salesforce's new Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) standards and received Lightning Accreditation with this release. We encourage you to install this release into a lightning enabled sandbox (when available) and check out the user experience for all the features that you use for Milestones PM+ (and any other apps that are lightning compatible). If you see anything that could be improved with the new UI, please submit a case to as we know there are some tweaks that still need to be made.

-Manage Project Plan (Available to Paid Subscribers Only) - We've made it possible now to view your entire project work breakdown structure on one page in Salesforce. For example, from the project detail page you can now create or edit milestones or tasks from the view that opens when you click the Manage Project Plan button. We're hoping this new feature will minimize clicks within the application to change your data.

-Printable Gantt Chart (Available to Paid Subscribers Only) - We've implemented a printable view for the Milestones PM+ Gantt Chart. When you access the full view, a new print option is available. Please note that the full view & printable gantt chart feature is only available to customers who have purchased our Milestones PM+ Premium Edition.

-Date Rollups - We've responded to much feedback that task and milestone date rollups should be supported out of the box, so we've added that functionality. This will allow you to more easily keep your dates in sync with reality. If you still require more project rollups or changes to how existing project rollups calculate, please use our other product / add-on Rollup Helper. The changes that have been to date logic are as follows:

  • The Project Milestone Due Date when changed to a date that is later than the Project Deadline, will cause the Project Deadline to be set to the date that the Project Milestone Due Date was set to regardless of the Project Status.
  • The Project Milestone Start Date when changed to a date that is earlier than the Project Kickoff, will cause the Project Kickoff to be set to the date that the Project Milestone Start Date was set to regardless of the Project Status.

-Actual Start & Finish Date Logic - When completing a task, the actual start date and actual finish fields can be populated by the users or the actual finish date will be set to today automatically. When the actual finish date is setup, the due date of the task will change accordingly, so that tasks that are completely earlier, impact the completion of the milestone and any successor milestone also schedule earlier in the process showing a more recently forecasted finish date. Conversely, if the actual finish date is later than the deadline, the deadline will shift out and the delay to the milestone will delay the rest of your project schedule.

-Select Import Folder - On the Import Template tab, instead of only being able to find Milestones PM+ Exported Project Files (templates), you can now navigate Salesforce document folders to find the templates you need.

-Project Creation Button - You may now create entire projects directly from any Salesforce record page. Project created via the project creation button can automatically be linked to the record where the button was pressed as long as you have created a lookup field relating to the correct object.


-Summary Chart Deprecation - As part of the Lightning changeover, we are encouraging use of Embedded Analytics Charts to replace the charts in the application. The Embedded Analytics Charts are supported by Salesforce and these charts are configurable and you can easily create new charts. With this change towards using the Embedded Analytics Charts capability native to Salesforce, we've hidden and are deprecating the existing charts in the application. For the project detail page and the milestones detail page, we've created a replacement chart, called 'Task Metrics - Embedded Analytic' that you can drag onto your project page layout. You can create up to 2 embedded charts per page. All you have to do is create a report with a chart in Salesforce. Learn more about Embedded Analytics here.

NOTE: This release notes post is a work in process and we expect more changes to be documented in the next few weeks. Please check back later.

Milestones PM+ Summer 2015 Release Notes

Milestones PM+ Summer 2015 Release Notes

NOTE: The features in this release are being being rolled out in stages. Come back later to learn about all the features currently available for this release.

  • Project Configuration Page
    • You may now use a Project Configuration page when finalizing the planning phase of your projects. With this page, you can now modify an existing project as follows:
      • Update the project manager who will own the project "Project Owner"
      • Change the project dates to shift the entire project work break down structure later by X number of days.
      • Change the project dates to shift the entire project work break down structure earlier by X number of days.
      • BETA - Update the project's milestones and tasks to not be scheduled on weekends.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Project Report - Fixed the project report button on the project page to point to the correct report.

Milestones PM+ Spring 2015 - Premium Edition

Milestones PM+ Spring 2015 - Premium Edition

Note: This package is only available to paying subscribers. To order, please contact us for a quote.

  • Pre-requisites
    • Before installing the Premium Edition, make sure you tick off the box Track Activities on the Milestone1_Task__c custom object.
  • Salesforce Task Sync
    • You can now sync your Salesforce tasks with Milestones PM+ tasks. As you create Milestones PM+ tasks, SFDC tasks can appear on your homepage and you can set reminders for your tasks as well. This allows you to integrate the homepage My Tasks views and reminders on user login with your Milestones PM+ tasks. You can now have all your tasks in one location! If you make updated to the tasks.
  • Resource Assignment
    • Each task can now be attached to a a resource. You should create a resource for each user or contact you have in your system that you intend to assign to a project tasks. 
  • Milestone and Task Communication Templates
    • Ensure tight project communication internally and externally by ensuring emails are sent for key milestones or tasks. Send emails to any user (milestone owner, assigned to, etc.) or third party from the milestone or task page at the click of button. Just pick a folder for all your project-related email template and copy the ID of that folder into the Default Email Template Folder custom setting, then add MPM4_Task_Email and MPM4_Milestone_Email visualforce pages to your milestone and task pages. Note: If you want to use a custom email address field you, can use the Custom Task Email Field or Custom Milestone Email Field custom settings to point Milestones PM+ to the correct API name for the email address field you want to use on the respective object.

Milestones PM+ Spring 2015 Release

Milestones PM+ Spring 2015 Release


  • Task & Milestones Completion Sync
    • Keep the completion status of your milestones & tasks easily in sync. Close out a milestone and all tasks close!
  • Project Page
    • Added a Project Report button to invoke a managed report showing key project data (milestones and tasks) filtered to just the project's data. You can customize this report, but make sure to not overwrite the existing filter on the project id. This is required for the button to work and the filter must be project id = <blank>.  The custom button will do the work of passing in the project id for the project page you are on.
      • If  you want to use a different report (e.g different report type), create the report, ensure the report has the first report criteria filtering on the project id, then save the report. Grab the report's ID from the URL in Salesforce and paste the report id into the Milestones PM custom setting called "Report Id: Project Report"
  • Project Lookup On Task
    • You can now displays tasks on the project page. Any new tasks created that do not have the project lookup value set will be populated with their respective project.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Gantt Chart Sort Order - Open tasks scheduled for the same day were not appearing in sequence; now the tasks and other items on gantt chart appear more naturally in order on the gantt chart based on their dependency dates as well. The default sort order is start date, end date, predecessor's end date, and name. This can be changed by editing the custom settings for milestone or task sort orders.

Milestones PM+ Winter 2015 Release

Milestones PM+ Winter 2015 Release


  • Milestones PM+ Base

    • Project Page

      • Split the Status-At-A-Glance charts on the Project Page into 2 VisualForce page components, so you can show/hide them independently. For existing projects to render the charts correctly, you will want to follow these steps:

      • Edit Your Project Page Layout(s)

      • Hide the existing Milestone1_Charts_GVMilestones visualforce page.

      • Add the Milestones1_Charts_ProjectTaskStatus and Milestone1_Charts_ProjectTaskBudget visualforce pages.

      • Change the height of each component to 250 pixels (HINT: Click the tool icon)

      • Save the Page Layout changes.

      • Ensure existing projects have '0' in the data fields that the chart depends on when they are null (for projects created before this version was released).

    • Program Management

      • Link each project to a program

      • Display multiple projects on gantt chart in program page

      • Ability to link projects together creating project-level dependencies

    • Gantt Chart Improvements

      • Display dependencies between items on gantt chart

      • Display diamonds on gantt chart to represent milestones proper (a milestone object record with same start/kickoff and finish/deadline date)

  • Milestones PM+ Base - Bug Fixes

    • Defaulted the dependent data fields on the project object for these charts to 0 so that these charts render for new projects. 

($) - Available to new customers of our Milestones PM+ implementation services.