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Salesforce is a popular CRM choice for software companies because it can integrate with a lot of other platforms and is great for both small and large companies, so it can scale as your business grows. However, that doesn't mean it's always the most straightforward to get what you want out of it. We can help you get around your toughest challenges: pulling reports for stats such as Annual Recurring Revenue or Monthly Recurring Revenue, deciding on priorities for bug fixes or new features to build, Salesforce-native project management to keep software releases, IT, or client projects on track, and ensuring the software you use is secure.

Reports & Data Aggregation

You can make detailed reports in Salesforce, but it can take a bit of effort to set everything up correctly.

Lookup Helper can relate all of your important information for you! You can auto-populate lookups using record matching rules. Group data by software product family, time period, subscription term, geography, or any other category.

Rollup Helper boosts reporting capabilities with cross object rollups, and custom filters allow you to rollup data to a centralized object. Results can be used in flow, validation rules, or formula fields. We have over 25 types of rollups you can create, including Advanced Currency Management, unique count, checkbox, text, and more.

Having valid data is important for making sure critical calculations are correct and proper actions are taken. You also don’t want to spend wasted time reaching out to duplicate Contacts, or splitting up Contacts between duplicate Accounts.

With Data Quality Helper, you have many more tools at your disposal far better than default Salesforce functionality. The app lets you create customizable rules that aid in invalid data correction and duplicate resolution. 

Decision Making & Prioritizing Initiatives

What we can help with:

How software customers have prioritized records:

Now that you have clean data, you can drive initiatives and make decisions based on this information.

Prioritization Helper allows teams to make decisions together. You can also use the app’s scoring feature to score records in any Salesforce object, so team members are always on the same page about what to tackle first. Rank projects from your action plan based on how important they are for reaching company goals.

You can even use information rolled up from other sources with Rollup Helper. For example, influence your Lead scoring based on email clicks, or Campaigns they've been in.

Project Management 

What we can help with:

  • Managing internal Projects like software releases or IT projects
  • Managing external Projects like client implementation projects or custom development projects
  • Saving on licensing costs by collaborating with other non-Salesforce users and external resources
  • Mobile app support for users traveling or in the field
  • Creating Projects automatically
  • Managing resources and resource workloads (people and assets)
  • Driving project accountability
  • Time entry on any object
  • Shareable Gantt charts that are easy to update
  • Starter Packs for Admin and user training, data migration, or setup of reports and dashboards

How software customers have collaborated on external projects:

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your project information could be managed from Salesforce? Milestones PM+ is the project management app that gives you 360-degree project visibility inside of your Salesforce environment. Customers who use Milestones PM+ improve project productivity insights and have more accurate scheduling. 

Save time on creating repeatable tasks and efforts, like launching a new product or client professional services engagements, with project templates. Templates dial in organizational knowledge around how long it typically takes to perform certain types of projects and how to approach them, such as a project checklist for implementing new software. Ensure that everyone on your team is fully aware of their next project or task assignment without overloading resources.

You can also prioritize Tasks or Projects using Prioritization Helper. Score records on any Object in Salesforce without coding by adding or subtracting points for meeting certain conditions. This keeps team members on the same page about what should be tackled first. For example, prioritize fixing urgent bugs, or deciding which new feature to build next.

Security & Compliance

Having to be compliant about your own software means you know what to look for and what questions to ask. The good news is all of our apps are 100% Salesforce Native! That means we can't access your data, and we can rely on Salesforce's secure infrastructure. 

It can be difficult to be a global company and have to keep track of all the different data protection and privacy laws, like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA). Thankfully, Salesforce has created an Individual object to help you keep track of an individual’s data privacy preferences.

Customizing and using the Individual object according to your business will help you honor your customers’ wishes regarding how their data is stored and used, and when it needs to be deleted. The "right to be forgotten" applies when  customers no longer wish for you to retain data about them, when you no longer have a legal basis for processing, or when it’s no longer necessary to keep their data. You can delete an Individual and its related records with Storage Helper.

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