Solutions for Financial Services Companies

Financial services companies have a lot of special needs not found in other industry verticals. Relating objects and reporting on those objects can be tricky when it involves currency exchanges, or when dealing with a lot of hierarchies or Account types. Along with complex financial and customer data, these companies face all of the usual challenges of running a business, so having the highest level of data quality is especially important. Then there's the fact you have to follow a lot of different compliance rules to keep financial data secure. Fortunately, our applications can help create a customized setup for your Salesforce organization.

Relating Custom Objects

Sometimes you need to make custom objects for your needs (like mortgages, insurance policies, loans, etc.), but it can be hard to get the data you need from them if they have a lookup relationship with other objects like Accounts.

That’s why we created Rollup Helper! Whether your data is in a standard or custom object or an AppExchange application, Rollup Helper provides real-time, actionable data for your business process. Results can be used in validation rules and formula fields.  We have over 22 types of rollups you can create, including Advanced Currency Management, unique count, checkbox, and text to name a few. Plus, you can rollup using a lookup relationship.

Since Rollup Helper can rollup information between objects with a lookup relationship, use Lookup Helper to relate your objects automatically by matching field values or ID names. 

Reports & Data Aggregation

Now that your objects are related, you can start running reports on them.

Lookup Helper can relate all of your important information for you! You can auto-populate lookups using record matching rules. Group data by time period, geography, or any other category.

Rollup Helper boosts reporting capabilities with cross-object rollups, and custom filters allow you to roll up data to a centralized object. You can then use the results to trigger intelligent data-driven workflows.

Since you can rollup on objects with a Lookup Relationship, it's easy to create hierarchy rollups. For example, rolling up financial information from child Accounts up to the parent Account.

You're even able to do rollups with Multicurrency and Advanced Currency. Roll up aggregated loan request information, or roll up to a Household. We offer 30+ relative date filters to find information for any financial reporting period such as quarters, fiscal years, or rolling date periods.

Improving Data Quality

Everyone working in a business has a vested interest in high quality data, from leadership to staff. It’s difficult to do a good job without it, and the business suffers. Data quality is especially important to getting a proper ROI from an investment in Salesforce. Certainly, everybody plays a role in elevating data quality.

Establishing a comprehensive, repeatable, standardized process for data creation and maintenance for all users can go a long way toward fixing existing data issues and preventing the creation of new ones. Users could follow a uniform set of rules. When issues are identified by the process, users should be empowered to fix them. 

With the Data Quality Helper app, you have many more tools at your disposal, far better than default Salesforce functionality. The app lets you create customizable rules for data validation and duplicate data resolution. With clicks not code, you can create the data quality process that meets the unique needs of your financial services business.

  • Validation rules for any Object can be soft (allow a save) or hard (prevent a save) and customizable warnings and instructions could be displayed before or after the save—you establish the specific criteria for each rule you create. 
  • Duplicate data detection is based on the customized sensitivity matching set for any standard or custom Object.
  • When your Salesforce users are shown a warning, the app empowers them to resolve the issue per validation guidelines or merge data from potential duplicate records into a corrected master record, if needed.


When it comes to finance, there's no shortage of compliance laws and regulations to follow. A large portion of that is deleting data after a certain amount of time, or when requested. 

You can use Storage Helper to create jobs that will delete records based on criteria you set up —  such as waiting a certain amount of time after inactivity.

You can also use Rollup Helper or Lookup Helper to associate records to make Salesforce your one source of truth.

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